Protect Your Data with SharePoint's Advanced Security

SharePoint Security is a hot topic because SharePoint is favored by large government, health and other organizations with very specific legal requirements around who can access which data. Even smaller companies must be conscious of privacy laws. Properly configured, SharePoint can do an excellent job of locking down data.

To secure assets contained in SharePoint requires a thorough understanding of its infrastructure and how it provides protection both within an intranet and when interacting with federated resources. Improperly configured security can have unpleasant consequences, such as when a high-level document shows up in search to a user that has no access. Additional concerns center around 3rd-party addons for SharePoint that may use administrative privilege too freely, thus allowing a wide open back door into systems that should be secure. If portions of SharePoints data are hosted on the intranet how sturdy is the barrier between that content and internal systems? Does your system use a secure proxy for connections to outside datamarts? Does your security model extend to cloud resources?

All of these issues can be successfully managed in a well designed farm. When properly configured SharePoint provides security that easy to manage, as well as granular down to a single user or document. The governance model for your SharePoint systems should include security and should be established from the planning stages forward.

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