Reform a Troublesome SharePoint Installation

If SharePoint is giving you the blues just do a quick Google (or even Bing!) search for the words 'hate SharePoint.' You'll fell better when you see your SharePoint problems are miniscule compared to everyone else's, and if not you'll have lots of fine company in your miserable state. If you're really annoyed you can respond to blogs, surveys and Twitter streams set up specifically to gripe about one of the best attempts made so far to organize our digital universe. Is SharePoint really that bad?

In truth it can be. If someone came your direction with a bowl in one hand and a scissors in the other promising a great haircut you'd run, and that would also be the wise course if someone promises you that an out-of-the-box SharePoint installation can organise your business. To work properly and perform as promised SharePoint has to be correctly integrated with the rest of the Microsoft enterprise environment including the Exchange server, SQL, DNS and Active Directory. You may have storehouses full of documents that a correctly designed SharePoint infrastructure could manage but will your solution be cohesive enough to pull users away from email roundabouts and versions of the same document scattered around the SAN?

How can you assure that your SharePoint implementation will be successful? The keys lie in accurate planning and and skilled construction of your farm, followed by effective governance and technical administration. You may employ a series of SharePoint professionals assist in your process including sales, architecture, development and administration professionals. If your business requirements are complex a templated RFP will not address all the facets that underlie a well-fitted deployment and mistakes can be costly to repair.

A broken SharePoint installation can be fixed if you get the right professional to walk back through the planning process with you to discover what was overlooked. While it can be painful to make changes after a system has gone into production, doing so will make your SharePoint investment worthwhile. A solid SharePoint infrastructure doesn't just live up to its marketing spin, it often exceeds it.

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