Integrate Diverse Data Systems with SharePoint

Yardi, SAP, Oracle, SQL Reporting Services, AS400 - what have you got? It doesn't matter because a good development team will find a way to make SharePoint talk to all of them. Key to user adoption of SharePoint is access to the systems and processes needed to perform their jobs. The SharePoint portal is designed to be user friendly, and hopping in and out of SharePoint to get work done lessens its appeal. Therefore integrating diverse systems with SharePoint is a primary focus of many installations.

Reporting systems are a special focus of SharePoint integration, as SharePoint is designed for team collaboration and reports and metrics are essential to that process. SharePoint's Business Connectivity Services are designed to connect securely to a variety of datat stores and the information consumed can then be presented within a customized Business Intelligence site.

SharePoint has steadily moved toward supporting BI on mobile platforms and that story only improves in SharePoint 2013 with its greatly improved web interface. Data you need from systems integrated with SharePoint can made made available to, or restricted from mobile users as needed although with SharePoint 2010 this may require an assist from 3rd-party tools.

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